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Career Aspirations

Career Development is one of the major process components young men will undertake.  There has been a very  careful and intentional plan constructed to assist with understanding the world of work, whether their goal is to obtain   employment or eventually become entrepreneurs.  As they progress through the various stages in an apprenticeship–type model, they will obtain certifications of specific demonstrable skills.  All examples of growth will become a part of a visual portfolio that will assist in the development of an impressive, realistic resume or bio that can be presented to prospective or potential employers, banks, partnerships, or funding sources.

Pre-employment Training is a specialize approach tailored to focus on additional individual career needs.  Our signature curriculum has a strong character development foundation that is customized to address and develop demonstrable attitudes, behaviors and skills associated with employment seeking, obtaining, maintaining and advancing into a career, and is also applicable for those who have entrepreneurial desires.  This training not only enhances the individuals career path but also can improve the individual’s personal relationships and lifeskills by enabling the person to begin exercising untapped potential.

Internships and Apprenticeship Options in various career fields are our effort towards job creation.  Options are available in focused job training areas related to alternative energy, auto mechanics, auto body repair and construction.  Additional internships/apprenticeship opportunities may be available in other careers.